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English Test

Test your level of English with this quick English Test. Just chose the best answer then click "Correct Test". If you decide to do an English course with us you will be tested more thoroughly on the first day, and then placed in the appropriate class.

1. people are very friendly.

2. they English?

3. We always English.

4. The teachers coffee at the moment.

5. That man coffee.

6. English?

7. His sister arrived here 6 o’clock.

8. There milk in your tea.

9. sugar would you like?

10. I come to school bus.

11. She to the bank yesterday.

12. his friends last night?

13. He lives in London, ?

14. learn a lot of English?

15. I to the Tower of London yet.

16. Your suitcase is than mine.

17. to New York?

18. She was reading the newspaper when the letter

19. A lot of English people enjoy newspapers.

20. If the bus soon, the students will arrive on time.

21. They for a long time and the bus still hasn’t come.

22. When I was young I used for long walks in the country.

23. He asked his sister some cigarettes for him.

24. It’s late! We to go home.

25. The car park is free. You pay.

26. They have been at the same school they came to London.

27. All the coats in the classroom.

28. If I a lot of money, I’d travel round the world.

29. The test was difficult that he couldn’t do it.

30. He asked me where I from.

31. Some teachers make you a lot of homework.

32. When the course , you will speak a lot of English.

33. That’s the man daughter teaches here.

34. It took her a long time to get her illness.

35. She went to a new hairdresser’s to

36. When she went back to the shop they the coat she wanted.

37. By the time you leave London, you a lot of places.

38. The sky is grey.  I wish the sun

39. If the weather  good yesterday, they would have gone out.

40. He’s late! He here ten minutes ago.