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Accommodation FAQ

Booking accommodation

1. Can you arrange accommodation for me, and how much does it cost?

Yes, we can arrange your accommodation if you want us to. Please click here for accommodation options.


2. Can I book my own accommodation?
You are welcome to book your own accommodation.


3. Can I book just accommodation, without a course?

No. We can only organise accommodation for our course participants.



1. Will my host meet me at the airport?
No, your homestay provider will not be at the airport to meet you. We can arrange a taxi transfer for you from the airport to your accommodation. You will need to provide your flight details (airline code, flight number, arrival airport).


2. Will my host take me to school on my first day?
No, your host can help you with directions and travel advice but will not accompany you to school. Your confirmation letter provides a map which shows the location of your accommodation, how to get to the nearest station, and how to get from the station to the school. If you get lost on your first day, please phone the school and we’ll be happy to give you directions.


3. How do I get to Victoria School?

We send you a map of the location of the school. We also give you some instructions on your Accommodation Confirmation.
London has a very good transport system. You can get a bus, over-ground train or London Underground (Tube) train. Buying a weekly Travel or Oyster Card will help to keep costs down. Visit for more information. Your host can also help you on buying your travel ticket and giving you directions to the school.


4. How close are the homestays to the school?

Most of our hosts do not live in a walking distance from the school but in one of the lovely suburbs in South London. You can choose if you want to stay with a host in zone 1, 2, or 3. All accommodation is close to public transport. You will travel up to about 30 minutes to school according to the travel zone you choose.


At your accommodation

1. What is the difference between the 3 different categories of Homestay?

  • Standard  is the budget option.
  • Superior  will often be in larger houses and the rooms themselves may be larger than those in standard accommodation.  There may also be more than one bathroom in the house.
  • Executive is the option to choose if you want to have your own private bathroom.

2. How are meals organised?
Meal times and the food provided will vary between homestay hosts. Breakfast usually includes cereal, toast, fruit juice and tea or coffee and evening meals typically take place between 18.00 and 20.00, with some hosts setting a specific time for dinner.


3. Can I use the kitchen in my homestay accommodation?
If you book the bed, breakfast and evening meal option you will not be permitted to use the kitchen; the host will prepare all meals for you. If you book bed and breakfast only (no evening meal) your host will often let you have limited use of the kitchen for making snacks like soup, salad or toast and simple pasta dishes. You will not, however, be able to cook a full meal.  If you have booked self-catering, you will have full use of the kitchen.


4. Do I have to share a bathroom?
In most homestays the bathroom will be shared with the host(s) unless you have chosen an en-suite bathroom option. Please be polite: ask your host when the best time to use the bathroom is and try to leave the bathroom in the same condition as you found it.


5. If I’m a smoker, what should I do?
Check if the host accepts smokers. Many homestays are non-smoking and you may be asked to smoke outside the house.


6. Who does the laundry and cleaning?
Hosts may offer to provide one wash per week, or will show you how to use their washing machine. An iron and ironing board will be made available. Your room will be cleaned once a week and your sheets and towels changed. Please help your host by keeping your room tidy.


7. Is bedding provided?
Yes, bedding (sheets, pillows, duvets etc) is provided with all the accommodation we offer.


8. Are towels provided?
Towels are provided with homestay accommodation and laundered weekly.


9. Is there free WIFI in my accommodation?
All of our homestays come with free WIFI.


Leaving or cancelling your accommodation

1. If I’m going away for the weekend, can I get a refund for this time away?
We cannot offer refunds for any short periods that you are away from your accommodation during your course.


2. Can I leave a day later or earlier?
Please talk to the accommodation manager, Jill Hooton, at reception and she will check with the hosts if this is possible.


3. If I want to leave my accommodation, how do I give notice?
If you decide to change or leave your accommodation you must give a week’s notice (7 days) to your host and to Jill Hooton, the Accommodation Manager. If you leave before the week is finished, you will still pay for the full week. After the week notice period the balance of your accommodation will be refunded. If you have an urgent problem, then we will act immediately to help you.


4. Will you ever cancel my accommodation booking?
We will only cancel your booking if:

  • the host has an emergency and they cannot host you any longer. We will find a suitable alternative accommodation for you.
  • If you leave early from your course or cancel your course once you have arrived, you will also be asked to leave your accommodation.
  • If you fail to pay for your accommodation in full when requested.
  • If you behave in an unacceptable manner. This includes if you break the house rules i.e. smoking indoors, excessive noise which disturbs the rest of the household or bringing guests home without permission.
  • Please note, we expect all students to respect the British core values of democracy, individual liberty, tolerance and the rule of law.  Victoria School does not tolerate aggressive behaviour and not respecting cultural, racial and religious differences. You may be asked to leave the school and your accommodation if you do not respect other people.

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