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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registration and availabilty

How do I register for a course?

Please complete the online registration form. You will normally receive a confirmation by email within a few hours.


Can I start my course on dd.mm.yyyy?

We currently have availability for all courses and accommodation availability is currently excellent. You can start your class on any Monday. If Monday is a public holiday then courses start on a Tuesday.


Can I start my course on a day other the Monday?

Wherever possible you should try to start your English course on a Monday. However, it is also possible to start in the middle of the week when you are not able to arrive on Monday for some reason.


How far in advance do I have to make my booking?

For the biggest choice of accommodation options please book as early as possible but in general it also possible to enrol for a course at fairly short notice.



How much does everything cost?

Please click here for our fees calculator.


How much does an English course cost?

Please click here for English course fees.


How much does accommodation cost?

Please click here for accommodation options and prices.



Where is the school located?

The school is located in Chelsea which is in the centre of London and in Travel Zone 1. You can reach the school easily by tube (District & Circle Line) and bus (any bus to Sloane Square) The closest bus stop is at Sloane Square (4 minutes walking distance), the nearest tube stations are Sloane Square and Victoria (10 minutes walking distance) which is also the closest railway station. Click here for more infomation and maps of the London Underground.


Is the school accredited?

We are accredited by The British Council. The British Council is an official organisation that, amongst other activities, offers a voluntary scheme for monitoring and assessing English language school in the UK. 'Accreditation' by the British Council means that a school has passed the tests of quality set by the British Council's English in Britain Accreditation Scheme. This accreditation is seen by many as an indication of the quality of the lessons offered by the school. See the British Council web site for more information.


Do you arrange weekend excursions?

You can book weekend excursions to several UK sites such as Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford & Cambridge etc. and to European cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Edinburgh, etc. at Victoria School. The excursions are organised by Hallam Anderson Tours who specialise in student trips. The prices are very good.


Is it possible to use Internet?

We provide free Internet access for our students. We are also Wireless enabled so you access the Internet from your laptop. You can also use our student's computer to check your emails, to use the Internet and to stay in touch with your friends and family home.


What nationality are the students at the school?

We have students of almost every nationality. Most of the students are French, Italian, Korean, German, Japanese and Spanish but we also have students from China, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, Peru, Turkey and other nations.


What is the average age?

The average age is 23 but our oldest student was 73 years old!

What is the minumum age?
The minimum age is 16. Click here for information for under-18s.


Do you supply a student discount card?

If you bring a passport photo with you we can give you a Victoria School student card which can allow you discounts in tourist sites, cinemas, museums, theatres etc.


How many students do you have at the school?

There is a maximum of 76 places at the school. In the summer we are busy with 60 plus students; at other times there are between 30 to 40 students at the school.



Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?

Every student receives a statement of attendance at the end of his course which contains the duration of the course as well as the student's level of English.


How many levels do you have?

We have 5 levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced. For complete beginners we recommend 1to1 tuition for the first 2 weeks.


Do I need to buy a course book?

We recommend buying a course book, if your course is longer than 4 weeks. For long-term students it is essential to buy a course book. For short term courses we can provide loan books.


What if the level of the class is too low/too high?

Our teachers are always aware that the students are in the correct class according to their level. Should a student recognise that the level in his/her class is too high/low, he/she can change the class without any problem.


How many students are in the classes?

The classes have a maximum student number of 12. The average student number per class is 8 - 9 people.


Can I take holidays?

You can take holidays during your course, please let us know 2 weeks in advance. Please note that Victoria School is closed for 3 weeks during the Christmas/New Year period.


How much money will I need per week for day-to-day expenses?

This is difficult to answer, as so much depends on you! However, generally you will need at least £60 per week to cover your expenses for travelling, food and entertainment.



Please click here frequently asked question about accommodation.



How do I apply for a visa?

If you need a Visa to come to the UK, we will send you a confirmation for your course booking with Victoria School after receiving full payment. You can apply for a Visa then with this paper. Please remember that to obtain a student visa you must study a minimum of 15 hours per week and you must study at a school listed on the Department for Education and Skills Register of Colleges and Learning Providers - Victoria School of English is listed. If you need an interview to obtain your visa please remember that it can take a long time to get an appointment at the embassy or consulate so it is a good idea to book your course early. In the case that your visa is refused, a refund is only payable on Victoria School being shown documentary evidence of a visa refusal.  We will then refund fees paid minus bank charges and a £200 administration fee. 



How and when should I pay? What happens if I cancel my course?

Please read our terms and conditions.


What happens if there is a public holiday?

Please read our terms and conditions.