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Social Programme

Learning English at our school is not just about hard work. We believe that after your studies you need to relax and enjoy yourself in your free-time, using your English to meet people, make friends and learn something about our way of life and culture.


We have an active social programme, which includes everything from museum trips to city visits. Every Friday afternoon we all go to the pub, and we also organise regular restaurant outings. In summer we enjoy the Victoria School Barbecue, Sports Day, and International Day.


Many of these activities are free. When you do have to pay entrance fees or excursion costs we negotiate the lowest possible price for our students. Naturally you will also probably arrange activities yourself with friends and classmates from the school.




Regular activities include:

  • Visits to theatres, cinemas, musicals and concerts (£10-£30)
  • Guided walks through the historical and cultural areas of London such as:
    • Covent Garden (FREE)
    • Trafalgar Square (FREE)
    • Southbank (FREE)
    • Greenwich (approx. £7)
  • Visits to sightseeing attractions (approx.  £10-£15) such as:
    • Tower Bridge
    • Buckingham Palace
    • Hyde Park
    • St. Paul's Cathedral
    • West Minster Abbey
    • Big Ben
    • Tower of London
  • Various sporting activities such as football, and picnic and sports day
  • Visits to the famous galleries and museums such as:
    • Tate National Gallery (FREE)
    • Tate Modern Gallery (FREE)
    • National Gallery (FREE)
    • Natural History Museum (FREE)
    • British Museum (FREE)
    • Victoria & Albert Museum (FREE)
  • Visits to some of the hidden away galleries and museums of London (many FREE, some £7-£10)
  • Excursions to places of interest e.g. Canterbury, Cambridge, Brighton, Stratford-upon-Avon and Stonehenge  (£35-£55)
  • River boat trips (approx. £7)
  • Pub and restaurant evenings  (£15-£25)
  • The occasional barbecue at the South London home of the directors (FREE, except your train fare!)
  • Video afternoons and topical lectures at the school (FREE)
  • International Day at the school (FREE)
  • Weekend trips to European cities such as (Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels) in collaboration with Hallam Anderson Tours (approx. £100-£130)
  • And finally our regular Friday lunchtime visit to the historic Duke of Wellington pub, at which students, teachers and management get together for a drink (approx. £2 for soft drinks, £3-£4 alcoholic drinks, £3.50 for chips!)

Learn English & make friends at our English Language School in London!