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Study English in London

London is one of the world's most exciting capital cities and host to millions of visitors every year. Whatever your interests are - history, culture, theatre, opera, shopping, food or fashion - this amazing city has all this to offer.


A vibrant, bustling multicultural city full of contrasts - famous historic attractions such as Big Ben, the British Museum and the Tower of London as well as world-class entertainment, stunning modern architecture and the latest in fashion and the arts. From the luxury of Knightsbridge to the open spaces of Hyde Park and the street performers of Covent Garden, there is something for everyone in London.


London's nightlife offers something for all ages. With more than 400 live music venues catering for everything from opera to Brit pop, music lovers will not be disappointed. For theatre goers there are famous shows and musicals, while the trendy bars, cafes, pubs and clubs of Soho offer entertainment long into the night.


English has fast become the language of global communication, and whether it's for work, study or just fun, what better place to learn English than in the heart of London. The school is located close to all the major tourist attractions, to shops, theatres, restaurants and cinemas. Get the most from each day - enjoy a stimulating course and still be perfectly located to enjoy everything London has to offer.



Whatever the season, the British weather is liable to change from day to day, so if you're wondering what to pack, a good idea is to bring layers, a waterproof coat or jacket and an umbrella. 

Autumn (September - November)
In Autumn there can be very warm days, but equally there can be very cold ones too! Temperatures fluctuate around the 7 to 14 degrees Centigrade mark but are likely to be much warmer in September than November.


Winter (December - early March)  
Winter sees Britain's shortest and coldest days (about 7-8 hours of daylight) but these can be crisp and bright. Temperatures fluctuate from around 1 to 5 degrees Centigrade. 

Spring (March - May)
In Spring, you might enjoy wonderful sunny weather but then, it might equally be cold and wet. Temperatures fluctuate from around 6 to 11 degrees Centigrade. May can have very warm days - up to about 18 degrees Centigrade.

Summer (June - August)
Most days in summer are warm, but evenings can be cool. Temperatures average around 14 - 20 degrees Centigrade, although it can be up to around 28 degrees Centigrade on some days.



Thank you for taking care of my niece and for providing excellent learning condition and great teachers. It was really amazing seeing her jumping for joy every single day. Hope she will come next year as well.


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