Terms and conditions

Booking procedure 

  • Please complete the online booking form. 

  • Your booking will be confirmed normally within 24 hours. If you book at the weekend, we will reply to you on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday). We will then send you a confirmation & payment information. If you need a Visa to come to the UK, then full payment is required before confirmation documents can be sent.  

Booking conditions 

Minimum age 16 years.  

  • Courses are from Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.  

  • If you wish to take a holiday in the middle of the course, please tell the office at least 2 weeks before the holiday date. The holiday period will then be added to the end of your course.  

  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to the School or to any class without giving a reason. This happens very rarely. 

  • The school reserves the right to change the stated course times and to cancel courses. This happens very rarely. 

Students Under 18 

  • Students under 18 are considered children under UK law. 

  • If you are under 18 and you want to study on an adult course at Victoria School, the person with parental responsibility for you in your own country must complete an Under 18 Parental Consent Form. 

  • Students under 18 must follow the rules in the Under 18 Parental Consent Form. This includes the rule about being back at Homestays at the correct time. 

  • If you book accommodation through Victoria School, you must book Homestay accommodation with seven evening meals. You cannot book residences, hostels, student houses or hotels. 

  • Students under 18 on adult courses are not supervised 

except in lessons and on class excursions. 

  • All students under 18 must obey UK laws and in particular the laws on alcohol consumption. 

  • Victoria School has a duty of care to all students under 18. For full details please see our Safeguarding Policy. 

Courses & fees 

Course fees include: 

  • all tuition costs  

  • use of self-study centre  

  • some social events  

  • attendance certificate 

The registration fee is £50 and includes: 

  • Free WIFI access  

  • course information pack, student card & useful local information 

Course fees does not include: 

  • accommodation  

  • examination fees  

  • entrance fees for some social events  

  • bank charges 

  • course books 

There is no registration fee for a 1-week course, however if you choose to extend your course beyond 1 week then you will have to pay the £50 registration fee. 

Course books 

  • 2-week courses or longer: £50. 

  • 1-week course: loan books are available free but a £50 deposit must be given. This is refunded on return of an unmarked and undamaged book. 

  • There is no book fee for these courses:

    • Summer General English Afternoon Courses

    • IELTS or IELTS Premium courses

Homestay accommodation booking

  • Accommodation can be arranged only for students studying at Victoria School. 

  • All accommodation is subject to availability. This means that we may not be able to offer some types of accommodation if they become full, so please book early. 

  • If your first choice of accommodation is not available, then we will offer you an alternative. 

  • There is a non-refundable £50 booking fee for this booking service.  

  • All accommodation fees must be paid through the school 

  • Accommodation payment terms: 

  • To confirm your Homestay accommodation, you must pay the booking fee plus the first two weeks’ rent (or the whole amount for 1-week bookings) at least two weeks in advance.  

  • For last minute bookings this payment is due on receipt of our invoice. 

  • The balance is due on the first day of study.  

  • You can book accommodation from Saturday or Sunday to the Saturday or Sunday after your course finishes. 

  • If you book a flight to arrive or depart during the week you may have to book alternative accommodation. 

  • Additional days are subject to availability. 

  • Bookings of less than 1 week will be charged the full week rate. 

  • A confirmation and location link will be emailed to you.  

  • Hosts cannot meet you at the airport. A taxi pick-up service is available. 

  • Cancellations: 

  • The accommodation booking fee is non-refundable.  

  • If you wish to cancel accommodation, you will need to give at least 14 days written notice to be received during normal office hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00).  

  • If you cancel more than two weeks before entering your accommodation, we will refund the advance rent payment less bank charges.  

  • If you cancel two weeks or less before entering the accommodation you will be charged two weeks’ rent. 

  • If you cancel after arrival, you will need to give seven days written notice, or you will be charged one week’s rent.

  • In the unlikely event that the host cannot host you due to a change in circumstances, then we ask them to give at least 2 weeks’ notice so that we have enough time to find another host for you. Any money you have paid in advance for accommodation will be carried over to pay the new host. 

  • Friends and family cannot stay overnight at your accommodation. 

  • You are responsible for any damage or loss of keys and must pay the accommodation provider for repairs/replacement. 

  • Any student who behaves in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave the accommodation. 

  • We have our own Homestay Hosts and Private Home Hosts, however we do use the services of Hosts International at peak times. Terms and Conditions of Hosts International will be confirmed before booking. 

Non-homestay accommodation  

  • There is a non-refundable £50 booking fee for this service.  

  • The minimum age is 18. 

  • Student houses, residences and studios are all booked through Britannia Travel and London Nest. 

  • This accommodation is not monitored directly by Victoria School of English and would therefore only suit independent students.  

  • Students agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the individual accommodation providers. We will confirm the Terms and Conditions of the provider before you book. 

  • If you cancel your accommodation any refund is at the discretion of the accommodation provider.  

  • All fees must be paid in full, in advance before we can book and confirm any of the accommodation listed on this website. 

  • All hotels and hostels listed on the site are for information only and not recommended by us. They must be booked directly. 

Accommodation availability and price  

  • Accommodation is subject to availability at time of booking.  

  • If we are unable to organise accommodation at the prices stated on this website, you are under no obligation, and your booking will not be processed without your consent.  

Course cancellations  

  • If you cancel your course more than two weeks before the course start date, we will refund any fees paid less bank charges. 

  • If you cancel your course two weeks or less before the start date, you will be charged a £200 cancellation fee. 

  • Any cancellations must be received during normal office hours (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00)  

  • There is no refund if you cancel your course on or after the course start date.  

  • Please note that different conditions may apply for students booking through an agent. Please check with the agent.  

  • Any changes to the conditions are at the discretion of management. 

  • For cancellation of One-to-One lessons please see below. 

 Cancellations due to Visa Refusal 

  • If your application for a Short-Term Study Visa is refused, we need to see a copy of the signed Visa refusal Letter from UKVI. We will then refund the money paid minus £200 and bank charges. No refunds will be processed until we receive the letter. 

  • All refunds will be refunded by bank transfer to the same account used to pay for the course. 

  • If you decide to change your start date or postpone your course, we will issue new documents to you. There is a £30 administration charge for this which you will need to pay before we issue you with new documents.  

Course extensions 

  • If you want to extend your course or accommodation, speak to reception. Extensions are only possible if there is space available. 

  • Payments for extensions must be made in full in advance. 

  • You may have to pay for another set of books if you move to a different level. 

  • If you extend your course or return to the school for a further course, you will not have to pay another registration fee. 

One-to-One lessons 

  • One-to-One lessons can be arranged depending on the availability of a teacher. 

  • When we have confirmed that the teacher is available to teach you, we will request full payment. We need to receive this payment 2 weeks before the start of your One-to-One lessons. For last minute bookings (less than 2 weeks’ notice), we require immediate payment. 

  • Cancellation policy: 

  • We require a full 2 weeks’ notice to cancel or reschedule One-to-One lessons booked for 5 hours or more in any one week. 

  • We require 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule a single One-to-One lesson.  

  • If you cancel or reschedule your course without giving the above notice, you will be charged the fee for the lessons. 

  • Requests received outside office hours will be deemed to have been received on the next working day. 

  • Office hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 excluding holidays. 

Missed lessons 

  • Lessons missed are not repeated, credited or refunded. 

  • Any exceptions are at the discretion of the management. 


Attendance, Absence and Conduct  

  • We expect all students to come to lessons regularly, do their homework and arrive on time. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your class, you will be asked to wait until the next class starts. 

  • You will be given an Attendance certificate when you leave. 

  • We always expect students to behave reasonably towards other students, school staff and accommodation providers and to respect cultural, racial and religious differences.

  • We reserve the right to tell students to leave the school for unacceptable behaviour or failure to pay. 

Photographs and Videos 

  • Lessons cannot be filmed or otherwise recorded in any way without the permission of the Principal or Director of Studies 

  • Victoria School may take a video or photographs of students for promotional purposes. We will ask your permission for this. 

  • If you are under 18, your parents must inform the school in writing before your course starts if you do not want us to use such images. 

Personal Information 

  • We keep your information in electronic and paper format. 

  • Some of the information supplied may be passed on, for example, to accommodation providers or to the taxi company. 

  • You must keep us informed of any changes to your UK address, mobile phone number, email address or emergency contact details.  


  • Victoria School does not accept any liability in case of illness, accident, loss or damage to personal effects or property:

    • Occurring on the school premises, except where such liability is imposed under UK law 

    • Where accommodation or transport has been booked through the school 

  • Victoria School does not accept liability for losses or additional expense you might incur because of cancellation or delays to travel. 

  • Victoria School is not liable for failure to fulfil its obligations if the failure is due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control (including but not limited to war, terrorist activities, civil disturbance, natural disasters, severe weather, failure of utilities), provided that we take reasonable steps to inform you and to minimise delay or damages caused by foreseeable events. 


  • We strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance before you leave your home country. This should cover loss of and/or damage to your personal belongings, medical expenses in the event you are ill, and tuition fees in the event of an unexpected cancellation or curtailment of your course or accommodation.  

  • Please contact us if you want us to arrange student insurance cover. 


  • The school is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and public bank holidays.  

  • Public holidays in 2019 are: 

  • 19 April (Good Friday) 

  • 22 April (Easter Monday) 

  • 06 May (Early May Bank Holiday) 

  • 27 May (Spring Bank Holiday) 

  • 26 August (Summer Bank Holiday)  

  • The school is shut from 21 December 2019 to 6 January 2020. 

  • 1 and 2-week course bookings will be invoiced pro-rata if there is a public holiday within the period of the course. For longer courses no reduction is given. 


  • A £200 deposit or full payment of course fees is required at least two weeks before the course start date in order to confirm the course booking. The balance is due in full on the first course day. 

  • For last minute bookings, you need to pay the £200 deposit immediately to confirm the course booking. 

  • Payment can be made by credit card or by bank transfer. Please refer to your invoice for our bank details. 

  • Please quote your first name, family name and invoice number on bank transfers as a reference. 

  • Please ensure all bank charges are paid in connection with the transfer, or add £15 to your invoice to cover bank charges we have to pay. 

  • We do not accept American Express or Diners Club. 

Company Information 

Company Name: Victoria School of English Ltd 
Company Number: 01261742 
Registered in: England & Wales 

Registered office and trading address: 28 Graham Terrace, London SW1W 8JH, UK