Residences FAQs 

What is the difference between a Student Residence and a Student House?  

A student residence (normally called a residence) is a purpose-built development with a large number of students. There will be a staffed reception, shared communal areas and shared kitchen facilities. 

If you book a studio, then you will have your own small kitchen and bathroom.  

A student house is smaller and there are bedrooms for 6 to 8 people all sharing communal spaces, kitchen and bathrooms.  

Is there a minimum period of stay at residences? 

The minimum period of stay is 1 week in most residences, subject to availability. There are selected residences where the minimum stay is much longer. 

Can I book an airport transfer to take me to my residence? 

Yes. Please tell us that you need a transfer when making your booking and provide your flight details (airline code, flight number, arrival airport).  

Is there a check-in time at the residence? 

Student residences are similar to hotels: check-in is after 2pm on the day of arrival and check-out is before 10am on the day of departure. In some residences check-in is after 3pm so please check with the Support Team at Victoria School. 

How do I get the key to my room at the residence? 

Student residences have a 24-hour reception. You can pick your key up from the reception at any time after check-in.  

When does my accommodation in the residence start and finish? 

You can book a residence from a Saturday or Sunday to the Saturday or Sunday after your course finishes. If you have booked your flights and a room is not available for the day you arrive or depart, we will tell you before you book. You may need to book a hotel for additional days.  

Can I smoke in the halls of residence? 

No. Smoking is not permitted in any of the residences.  

Is bedding provided? 

Yes, bedding (sheets, pillows, duvets, etc) is provided with all the accommodation we offer.  

Are towels provided? 

You will need to bring your own towels and wash them yourself. Residences have laundry facilities.  

Will my room be cleaned for me? 

In student residences you will need to wash your own sheets and bedding and keep your room clean. Once in the UK you can arrange for your student residence to be cleaned at extra charge.  

I am coming with my partner. Can we have a double room in the residence?  

There are some double studios available to book. Please ask the Support Team.

Can I have guests stay with me overnight? 

If you inform your student residence first, they will usually permit guests to stay overnight. No extra bed or bedding is provided, so make sure your guests bring a sleeping bag. Please check if you can have a guest to stay before you make any arrangements. 

I’m going away for the weekend. Can I get a refund for this time away? 

No. The residence will not offer a refund for any period you are away from your room during your stay.  

Is there free wifi in my accommodation? 

All of the student residences offer access to free WIFI in common areas.  

How do I pay for the residence? 

To guarantee your place in the residence, you will need to pay in full in advance.  

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.  

We will ask for payment for the room when we tell that it is available. If you delay making your payment, then we cannot guarantee that the room will still be available.

How do I cancel my accommodation? 

All refunds are subject to the terms and conditions of the accommodation agency we use to book your room. We will remind you of the terms and conditions for cancellation before you book a residence. 

For bookings through London Nest: 

You cannot cancel the accommodation once it is booked, so please make sure that you have insurance to cover any unexpected cancellation. 

For bookings though Britannia Student Services: 

You need to tell us in writing 4 weeks before your arrival date (during Victoria School’s Office hours Monday-Friday 0900-1700) to receive a refund. 

I want to leave my accommodation. How do I give notice?  

Please speak to us if you are unhappy with your accommodation. We may be able to help if there is a problem with your room. You cannot request to change accommodation if you just want to be nearer to the school. 

How old must I be to stay in the residence? 

You must be 18 or older. 

How do I check availability of accommodation?

We will check the availability of a residence for the dates you give us. If the accommodation you prefer is not available, we will provide alternative options.