Finding your own accommodation in London

Cheap accommodation

Here are links to some cheap accommodation options in central London that our students use. Unfortunately we cannot book these options for you, but you can book them online.

Important questions

Many of our long term students organise their own accommodation once they arrive in London. However, there are many important questions you need to consider before booking an accommodation or signing a contract, e.g.:

  • Where is the accommodation?

  • Are there links to public transport?

  • What transport zone is the accommodation in?

  • What is included in the rent? (e.g gas, electricity, Council Tax, water rates, telephone, internet?)

  • Is there a deposit payable?

  • When is the rent due?

  • Do I need a guarantor? A guarantor is someone guarantees to pay the rent if the student fails to pay.

  • Do I need insurance?

  • Is there parking?

  • What are the legal implications if I sign a joint contract?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different types of accommodation?


  • Pros: choosing a homestay means you will experience the British way of life.

  • Cons: you may feel you want the freedom to come and go as you wish and not be tied to a dinner time.

Residences & Hostels

  • Pros: sociable

  • Cons: shared kitchens and bathrooms can sometimes be messy

Student Houses & Flat Shares

  • Pros: sociable, can be a cheap type of accommodation

  • Cons: shared kitchens, bathrooms etc can sometimes be messy as everyone has different standards

Single Apartments & Bedsits

  • Pros: freedom to come and go as you wish

  • Cons: living on your own can be very lonely and is probably more expensive

Further information

We can give you lots of information, suggestions and tips to help you find suitable accommodation when you are at the school. In the meantime here is a useful link: