Our C1 Advanced (CAE) exam preparation course is running!

Places are still available

We are very excited to be running our C1 Advanced exam course! (formerly called Cambridge Advanced or CAE for short.) The course runs until 6 December and the exam is on the 7 December.

You can start on any Monday from now until 2 December.

With any exam preparation course, we believe that the more you study the better. Because of this, we are also running a special 4 week intensive course starting on Monday 11 November. This course combines general English lessons in the morning (3 hours) with the C1 Advanced exam course in the afternoon (3 hours). This is 120 hours of guided classroom study. Add this to your own study and homework assignments and you’ll be in a strong position to get the grade you need.

So why study at VSE? There are many places that offer Cambridge exam courses around London. But at VSE we pride ourselves on having smaller class sizes (a maximum of 12 students). This means you’ll get the attention you need and have the space to ask the question that may not be possible in a larger class. We also have one of our most experienced teachers Katy who has the Cambridge Diploma teaching qualification, teaching the course. You will be in VERY capable hands with her.

Our Support Team are more than happy to help you with any questions you have about this course. Please click here to get in touch

Click here for more information on our C1 Advanced courses

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Summer 2019...a few thoughts

As the leaves start to turn from green to yellow and autumn lets us know of its imminent arrival, it gives us a chance to reflect on the wonderful Summer we had.

We have just uploaded a load of pictures to our Facebook page and it struck us how many smiling faces we saw. Money can buy you many things in life, but it can’t buy you a genuine smile. It is hard to say what the best moments of summer were...the boat trip to Greenwich? The Surrey walk? Sports Day? The summer BBQ at Jon and Jill’s? International Day?

Maybe it was the things you can’t really see, like the strong connections and lifelong friendships that were made between the students. Hmmm.... however we are certain that the highlight wasn’t the experience of our adult students trying their first pint of British bitter.It is fair to say that bitter really is not for everyone. Pimm’s though, a different story!

Even as the days get shorter and Christmas gets nearer, we are still thinking about our plans for next summer.

We are always so pleased to see students coming back year after year, as it shows us we are doing something right.


What is the Leaving Ceremony?

Each week, on a Friday afternoon, we do something so important that every student and teacher attends. It is our leaving ceremony!

After the last class on Friday, all the students who have finished their studies are presented with a certificate in front of all their classmates and teachers. Everyone claps, cheers, whistles and sometimes you’ll see a few tears. And often tears of joy. It is a truly wonderful and energetic moment where our students get to say goodbye to their new friends and teachers. We also take a photo of this special moment (have a look at our Facebook gallery gallery).

Following the leaving ceremony, many of our students and teachers visit the local pub and enjoy some truly British culture! Here we talk late into the evening, share stories, practice English and make plans to meet in the future.

Many of our students return again and again, so perhaps we should really change the name of the leaving ceremony to the ‘see you again soon’ ceremony. While all good things come to an end, sometimes they start again….

VSE leaving ceremony

Fake School Warning! Victoria School of English in Leicester

We have discovered that there is a fake school located in Leicester (the middle of England) using our name ‘Victoria School of English’. Their website name is ‘learnenglishwithvictoria’. This school has nothing to do with us and we are in no way connected to them. We are only based in Chelsea, London.

Because of this fake school, we have received negative reviews on Google which were for them. We have contacted Google to ask them to remove these reviews, but this process can take a long time.

If you know anyone who is thinking about going to this school in Leicester or making any payments to them, tell them not to! Please contact us if you have any questions about this.


Our Summer 2019 season starts on 1 July

Recently in London we’ve had some lovely weather and hopefully it will continue into the Victoria School Summer Season! Our summer season runs for eight weeks from 1 July to 23 August.

We have extra courses in General English, Business English and IELTS exam preparation. You can study from 2 hours to 6 hours per day. Our school is full of energy and it really is our favorite time of year.

We are also running an exciting Social Summer Programme! Every Wednesday, one of our experienced teachers will take a group of our students to some of the most interesting, exciting and famous tourist attractions in London. Some of these places include the British Museum, the Tate Modern Art Gallery and the National Gallery. One of the fantastic things about London is that so many of our museums and art galleries are free!

As well as visiting these great attractions, we also offer something different. In July, you are invited to our Sports Day Picnic in Battersea Park, and also to a beautiful countryside walk just outside of London.

In August, our students are invited to our garden party and BBQ (at the Principal’s house, and the Principal is an excellent BBQ chef!), a River Thames boat trip from Westminster to Greenwich, the South Bank Walk, and on the last day of the summer season, the Victoria School of English International Day.

There is something for everyone to enjoy during our 2019 summer season. You can improve your English, make friends from all over the world and enjoy this great city at the same time. We look forward to welcoming you to Victoria School this Summer!

Click here to see the summer social calendar

victoria school of english summer programme

Our picnic and sports day in Battersea Park

Student Safety is our Priority

At Victoria School we want our students’ experience with us to be the best it can be. We want everyone to be able to study effectively in a safe and open environment. We therefore have many policies and procedures to ensure this.

We think it is important to regularly revise and update our policies and make sure that all our teachers and support staff are made aware of any changes.

We have recently updated all of our child safeguarding and protection policies. While a majority of our students are over 18, we also sometimes teach students who are 16 and 17. We are committed to ensuring that any under 18s at Victoria School are safe. We also know that parents of young people need to know that their children are going to be safe and well looked after.

Please read our existing and updated policies

student welfare

Brexit update – no big changes until December 2020!

How could Brexit affect students from the EU, EEA and Switzerland travelling to Victoria School of English for an English courses?

The good news is that there will be very few changes before the end of December 2020 and students can mostly come as they do now. From 2021 it will still be easy for students to enter the UK, although some of the rules will change.

This is great news as this means you can still book your course with us without any extra difficulties. We can advise you if there is anything more you need to do.

If you would like to read more about the changes Brexit will bring, click here to read more: www.englishuk.com/en/agents/english-in-the-uk/brexit-and-english-language-students-from-the-eu


We are a Centre of Excellence!

We are proud and delighted to have achieved this very important recognition as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ showing that we are in the top 100 of English language schools in the UK! We always aim to reach the highest standards and we are thrilled that this has been recognised.

That Victoria School is a ‘Centre of Excellence’ is also very important for you. You can be assured that we have the highest standards of teaching, learning and welfare at Victoria School.

EL Gazette (short for 'English Language Gazette') is an international news and media company for the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry and international English-medium education.

The award is based on the information found in the British Council Inspection reports on the language centres which the British Council accredits under the Accreditation UK scheme. The rankings are compiled by the EL Gazette and are not produced by the British Council, English UK or Accreditation UK.