Summer 2019...a few thoughts

As the leaves start to turn from green to yellow and autumn lets us know of its imminent arrival, it gives us a chance to reflect on the wonderful Summer we had.

We have just uploaded a load of pictures to our Facebook page and it struck us how many smiling faces we saw. Money can buy you many things in life, but it can’t buy you a genuine smile. It is hard to say what the best moments of summer were...the boat trip to Greenwich? The Surrey walk? Sports Day? The summer BBQ at Jon and Jill’s? International Day?

Maybe it was the things you can’t really see, like the strong connections and lifelong friendships that were made between the students. Hmmm.... however we are certain that the highlight wasn’t the experience of our adult students trying their first pint of British bitter.It is fair to say that bitter really is not for everyone. Pimm’s though, a different story!

Even as the days get shorter and Christmas gets nearer, we are still thinking about our plans for next summer.

We are always so pleased to see students coming back year after year, as it shows us we are doing something right.