We are a Centre of Excellence!

We are proud and delighted to have achieved this very important recognition as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ showing that we are in the top 100 of English language schools in the UK! We always aim to reach the highest standards and we are thrilled that this has been recognised.

That Victoria School is a ‘Centre of Excellence’ is also very important for you. You can be assured that we have the highest standards of teaching, learning and welfare at Victoria School.

EL Gazette (short for 'English Language Gazette') is an international news and media company for the English Language Teaching (ELT) industry and international English-medium education.

The award is based on the information found in the British Council Inspection reports on the language centres which the British Council accredits under the Accreditation UK scheme. The rankings are compiled by the EL Gazette and are not produced by the British Council, English UK or Accreditation UK.