What is the Leaving Ceremony?

Each week, on a Friday afternoon, we do something so important that every student and teacher attends. It is our leaving ceremony!

After the last class on Friday, all the students who have finished their studies are presented with a certificate in front of all their classmates and teachers. Everyone claps, cheers, whistles and sometimes you’ll see a few tears. And often tears of joy. It is a truly wonderful and energetic moment where our students get to say goodbye to their new friends and teachers. We also take a photo of this special moment (have a look at our Facebook gallery gallery).

Following the leaving ceremony, many of our students and teachers visit the local pub and enjoy some truly British culture! Here we talk late into the evening, share stories, practice English and make plans to meet in the future.

Many of our students return again and again, so perhaps we should really change the name of the leaving ceremony to the ‘see you again soon’ ceremony. While all good things come to an end, sometimes they start again….

VSE leaving ceremony